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Hello friends,

Name and Location

Patricia (Patty) Holthaus. Alumni, The Art Institute – North, Houston, Texas.

Profession / Area of Study

Professional Photography_Digital Imaging Management

Level of Familiarity with the Field of Photography -

A perennial Entrepreneur spirit, as the owner of Passion For Photography.

Company Photographer During 20+ year tenure and experiences in the Information Technology, Airline, Oilfield and Financial fields supporting both Corporate and LLC companies, received professional recognition for the ability to lead volunteer services and develop partnerships with clients and non-profit organizations in the community. Throughout all career roles: upheld functionality as company Photographer. 

Portrait photographer Upon graduation from Ai partnered with Lifetouch Church and Directory in creating pictorial directory images on-site at church locations in Houston and surrounding areas of the city.  Creating memories to last a lifetime! Folks are provided an opportunity to purchase professional portraits during our visit.  Church members as well as Family & Friends are welcome to participate!

Academic and Professional Strengths -


The Art Institute of Houston–North, Photography_Digital Image Management Graduate; University of Phoenix (UOP), BABA Undergrad; Western International University (WIU), AAB Graduate. Dale Carnegie Institute, Graduate.


In the World of Photography I am a Business Owner, a Professional Photographer, and a Skilled Photoshop artist.

Reason for Interest in the Topics Covered in Academic Study at The Art Institute

I  learned that I didn't know as much about modern day digital photography as I once thought!

Expectations from the Photography_Digital Image Management Program

My expectations upon enrollment were to expand my knowledge and expertise in the area of servicing my clients. The knowledge and skill expertise upon graduation has afforded me the opportunity to move forward in building a company of choice in partnering with clients.

Strengths and Growth in the Area of Photography


Portrait: Photographing groups, teams, singles, widows, families, couples, and children.  

Events: Capturing corporate photography of sales conferences, team building events, holiday events, award recognition activities, and celebrations to name a few.

Weddings/Bridal: Personal bridal photographer available to document the special day you've dreamed of your entire life.

Digital Imaging: Photoshop artistry


Business aspects of managing a successful photography studio.

Best Photograph Taken to Date

Film: The first photo contest I entered years ago when I won first place!  The photo was on the golf course at Bear Creek Park of the sun rising.  This first sparked my interest in the field of photography. 

Digital: Studio image taken at Ai of my sweet Grandbaby sitting in her little rocking chair.

Career Goals and Business Interests– My future goal is to own my own Studio. My immediate goal is to grow to be the person who ensures high quality photographic artistry in a creative and engaging way. With responsibility for the photo project from conceptualization through completion, playing an important role in scripting, planning, organizing, setting up, capturing and editing the client's digital portfolio.


Live Passionately and Purposely! Give Praise!

Favorite Quote

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt