When a client's photographic need calls for the assistance of a talented and experienced photographer, please consider reaching out and getting in touch with Passion For Photography.  We operate a studio setting in and around the Houston and surrounding area.  We specialize in making your photo session personal with attention to details giving your portfolio the attention it deserves.  We offer creativity and engagement during photo sessions no matter what the portfolio showing.  We produce high-quality,  high-resolution images, and it is our desire that clients fall in love with our artistry.  We are experienced and passionate about capturing that special moment in many areas of photography from Profession Portraits of Families, Couples and Singles; Generational portraits of families; and, Head Shots of the Executive.  Our Engagement photography showcase of the bride and groom is personally designed to reflect the beginning a new life together leading up to the wedding day!  We offer a fun and exciting experience sure to capture the love between two people preparing to take their vows and cherish a lifetime of new beginnings.  The Wedding Day in the heart of a bride is one of the happiest days of her life.  We specialize in capturing the moments and memories to last a lifetime. 

When a job calls for the assistance of a talented and capable team of photographers, you can reach out to Passion For Photography. We operate in the Northern New Mexico area we love so dearly. We also venture into the Southern Regions of Colorado including the San Juan and Rio Grande wilderness.  We take a detail-oriented approach to photo sessions, and you can trust that your images will get the attention they deserve. Clients seek our help because they know that we are  creative and engaged. The images we produce are always high-quality, and you’ll fall in love with our artistry too. You can reach out for our help in capturing or purchasing professional designs in the area of:

• Mountainous Landscape   

• Seasonal Wilderness Scenery     

• Glamorous Generational Portraits

You’ll be impressed by just how dedicated we are to satisfying our clients. Call us today for a viewing or to schedule an appointment.

No matter what the occasion, we share a deep passion for creating a lifetime of special memories ~